Thursday, January 24, 2008

SVN versionator!

I'm the one who has been cutting tags for our big project at work. The problem is that its kind of a pain with a number of steps, and while I've yet to make a mistake, the chances are there. So last night I decided I ought to build a tag creator in Python.

This won't be some generic tool to release on the world. We've got some application and environment specific things going on that I can't share.

That said, I could probably do it in a way to make it generic. Basically you would create a config file for your location, a SVN externals file, and then when you would run Versionator it would create the tag with just the system version as your only parameter. And I could probably do it in a way so it would support SVN or Bizare. Maybe Mercury or Git in the distant future.


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Reinout van Rees said...

I made a simple python script to help me with tagging releases just two weeks ago. Every colleague that I gave it to is now happily using it.

It just searches the version.txt, figures out the right tags directory in svn, looks if there's a tag for the version already and applies it if you want it.

Afterwards it offers to make a .tgz or a private .egg out of it and copies it optionally to our private download area.

Just automating the tagging takes so much pain out of the release process already!