Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Suggest to me a feed aggregator!

I need a good RSS/Atom aggregator. I'm not having any luck. And this is giving me issues because I can't remember everyone's blogs I like to peruse. Any suggestions?

Tried Google Reader and hated it. Updates happened haphazardly and the interface was confusing. The one google product I can't stand.

Tried Rojo and it would be great but I can't seem to easily add my own @#$% RSS feeds. No dice - instead I have to search for everything. WTF?

Or should I perhaps write my own in Django? Or a local version in wxPython? I've worked with FeedParser a number of times and it is an easy API. So is Beautiful Soup for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Akregator is what I use, best so far for me. The only problem is that it requires KDE.

pydanny said...

@anonymous, this works great on my gnome installation of Ubuntu. But not on Mac. :( I want something neutral!