Sunday, October 5, 2008

Plone Conference 2008 starts tomorrow!

I posted my bit of melancholy about the location on my personal blog under the ploneconf2008 label. Expect to see my more technical side here under my pydanny ploneconf2008 label. Hope that makes sense!

What will I be doing there? Let me see...

First two days will be Joel Burton's class on Plone Theming. Why theming? Because our team needs more skill in it!

I'll be volunteering to help out with the conference in the role of registration helper and general gopher.

I'll be helping our NASA Science team present on our big project, NASA Science!

I'll be attending talks and taking notes until my fingers bleed.

I'll be working in sprints.

I'm not sure about my social activities. We have a tight house budget.

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