Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second Annual President's Day Sprint

We did this two years ago at Chris Shenton's place, where we sprinted on a Plone application. Last year we skipped it. This year we are doing it again. We being myself and perhaps Alex Clark, Katie Cunningham, Chris Shenton, and a few other locals to the DC area - essentially members of ZPUG-DC. Perhaps we can get non-locals in on it too! You can do whatever you want.

Originally I hoped to meet in a single, central location, but its clear that getting anywhere the day before the inauguration is not going to happen. So instead we are going to find local places that serve coffee and do our work there. Hopefully we'll gather in groups to provide moral support. Katie Cunningham plans to do it in a Vienna, VA Cosi's - so if you are in Northern Virginia, consider joining us there!

Things I plan to do:
  1. Work on simplegraph. I plan to finish my forms integration to make it easier for end users. If that happens quickly then I'll add in capability to have more than one form.
  2. Work on pinax. I want to finish doing a code merge.
What about you? Well, you can sprint on anything you want. Core python, Plone, Zope, Django, Pinax, PHP, whatever. Odds are we'll be spread out over the DC metropolitan area so I'm thinking we will have a central IRC channel entitled #sprintdc2009.

See you tomorrow!

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