Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spacebook ITCD demo a success!

Yesterday Katie Cunningham presented on Web 2.0 and our latest implementation, Spacebook at the ITCD NASA HQ event. As always, she nailed the presentation, and handled the questions with skill and grace. Before and after the presentation we demonstrated live Spacebook at our booth. People seemed very interested, and we became skilled and hooking people into Spacebook.

I received the chance to proselytize on the benefits we had from using the Free and Open Source Software community to accelerate our development. We would not have been able to demonstrate a stable, working application without the contribution of the Pinax team. The amount of support we received from them was incredible. In fact, our requirements are helping to drive the growth of Pinax, and thanks to us they will be US Government Section 508 compliant.


James Tauber said...

Well, you were awesome to work with! Glad it was successful and thanks for promoting FLOSS in general and Pinax in particular!

brosner said...

This is some really awesome news. I am super happy that Pinax is going well for you and that Pinax will be better with your involvement. I look forward to your contributions!