Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Show me your open source Django CMS

Want your open source CMS to be tried out by NASA SMD?

Django comes from the CMS world, and rolling your own isn't that hard. Nevertheless, we don't want to reinvent the wheel, so this is a solicitation for open source Django CMS efforts with active communities.

Our requirements:
  • Must be powered by Django.
  • Most be open source.
  • Follows Django/Python best practices.
  • Must be extensible.
  • Elegant user interface.
  • Renders humanely in FF, Safari, and IE 7, and 8. IE6 is a definite plus.
  • Section 508 compliant or at least pretty close.
  • No patching of Django to make things work.
  • Must be able to run with PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Must have an active community. Which means that commits to the CMS need to have happened within the last two months.
  • You must provide a featured sites list to be even considered as an option.
Make your entries in the comments to this blog. If we pick your tool we'll give you full credit for your hard work.


Unknown said... but you probably knew about this one already

Eric Florenzano said...

I've heard a lot of really good things about feincms:

Unknown said...

Well, probably not exactly all best practice, but it is work in progress (and my first site:)) (dutch)
code: lp:babyweb (launchpad)


Anonymous said...

Try feincms. Really.

pydanny said...

Eric and BartTC, We can't even begin to consider feincms until someone points us at a list of feincms powered sites.

akaihola said...

A few months ago I created a CMS apps comparison wiki page in the Django wiki for gathering information about solutions out there.

The page might not be up-to-date since I haven't followed the development of most of the projects mentioned there. Help appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of FeinCMS-powered sites:


@akaihola: The CMS apps comparison is probably quite current, at least when it comes to Django-CMS2 and FeinCMS -- the main authors of either package have been seeing to that :-)

Unknown said...

As part of News21, a Carnegie and Knight funded project, we created django-newsroom:

* We have an elegant user interface and an interesting visual editor / page layout system.

* We've had great support along the way from the folks at LincolnLoop who have contributed to the best programming practices employed in the site.

* this is currently in use at

* we have started a user group here:

There still is some roughing out along the edges that need to happen (for instance, it currently requires PostgreSQL) but my colleagues and I will be willing to work to make this compliant.

Anonymous said...

The nice folks at Medium are threatening to release Message as Open Source which would be a fairly full featured CMS offering with a client base and Django foundation.
By they might be after exactly this type of promotion!!
Who knows....

pydanny said...

I contacted for when they plan to open source their code and also a list of sample sites.

Unknown said...

Django page CMS:

It's a well tested CMS (85% test coverage)

Arek said...

So, which CMS system did you end up using ? I am curious as we are in the same step of our project planning .


pydanny said...

@Arek - Thanks for the prompt! I'll aobut it in detail this week.

Anonymous said...

ooh, we're all in suspense out here! Go'an, throw us a bone ;-)

pydanny said...

We picked Fein CMS based off of