Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have you signed up for the Django Master Class?

Django chief maintainer Jacob Kaplan-Moss is teaching a master level Django class in the Washington, DC area (actually in Springfield, VA) this October 16th.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the chief maintainers (BDFL) of the Django project. Besides being a technical guru and good teacher, Jacob is a great guy. Approachable, funny, and taught me about anchovies.

Django Master Class

Lets go over some of the hidden perks that the class description does not provide:
  • Even if you know Django already and have memorized the documentation you are sure to pick up some choice bits! BDFL FTW!
  • Ask questions at any time!
  • Provided 8 a.m. breakfast (so get there early!)
  • Provided Lunch
  • Dinner afterward with lots of fun local Django/Python people including Steve Holden
  • Accessible by metro, bus, and car
  • Lots of cheap hotels to stay at nearby so you get good sleep before and after class.

I'm signed up. Are you?


Anonymous said...

is there going to be any video recording from this event?

pydanny said...

Is there going to be video of this moderately priced class ($495)? I doubt it. In fact, I would be rather surprised.

Josh said...

Well, now that I'm actually in the DC area, I would love to go. Problem is we're in the process of moving and we don't have the $$$ for me to enjoy such things right now. *sigh*