Sunday, August 8, 2010

More reasons to go to DjangoCon!

I was thinking some more about DjangoCon next month.

Capoeira - I'm known for doing one-handed cartwheels. But at last year's DjangoCon I got a chance to try my hand at Capoeira. Since then I've managed to get in some actual regular Capoeira training. My hope is to tag up with Oregon Capoeira and see how my Angola matches their Regional. Even if you've never done a cartwheel, it should still be a blast to try out!

Okay, now on to listing some more talks I'm looking forward to having at the conference:

  • Why Django sucks and how we can fix it - While Django is the king of Python web framewrks, Eric Florenzano is going to slam it hard. But he isn't going to just troll the conference, he's also going to provide us some possible solutions. The best thing of all, is that since Django is open source, we can all contribute to make it better!
  • Pony Pwning - Django is a nicely secure framework thanks to the security focus of the community, but Adam Baldwin shows us how as developers we can make compromising mistakes. If you want to avoid being caught with your pants down on a day where you didn't wear clean underwear, go to this talk!
  • State of Pinax - Pinax is a platform for rapidly building websites in Django that I've made contributions to off-and-on since about December 2008. Heck, my talks and tutorial at DjangoCon and Pycon were about Pinax! Anyway, Brian Rosner, arguably the second tallest man in the Pinax community is going to tell us the past, present, and future of this incredible tool set.
  • From Slice to Site: Django in 30 minutes - Tired of hearing about how its easier to deploy a <insert-competing-but-sucky-language> site? Katie Cunningham of NASA SMD fame is going to show you how you can do it fast and easy. A great beginner talk from someone skilled at speaking and educating!
  • How to sell Django - So your trying to convince the customer/boss that Django is the way to go. But they read somewhere that XML + Shell scripts is how to build an application used by millions or talk to a well-dressed salesperson selling antiquated/broken technology. How do you get past this issue? Well, I'm hosting a panel on how to convince the people who sign the checks that Django is the way to go. I've got Steve Holden, James Tauber, and either Jacob Kaplan-Moss or Frank Wiles, plus another person to discuss this on a panel.
  • Large Problems in Django, Mostly Solved - Unfortunately scheduled at the same time as my own talk, my good friend Eric Holscher is giving a talk on some of the best applications written for Django. These are tools that solve a lot of problems for you. Ever wonder what is the best REST application? How to do proper searches? Migrate data? Also, want to make your pet application endorsed by the Django ecosphere? Then attend this talk! 

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Jeff said...

So wish I could be there. Especially for the panel discussion on selling Django to your corporation. Its scary to watch people who know nothing about web technology listen to IBM salespeople about web technology.