Monday, January 23, 2012

Join the PyCon Early Birds program!

First off, I want to say that me and my fiancee will be attending PyCon US this year! Hooray! Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones. I'll be chairing one of the Panels at the PyWeb Summit on March 8th. We're absolutely delighted to see all the great talks, hang out in the hallway, and just be in the middle of Python for well over a week.

Now on to the extremely unofficial PyCon Early Birds program!

PyCon early registration ends on January 25th. If you register at the early bird rate that gets you the benefit of joining the elite PyCon Early Birds group. Being a member of the PyCon Early Birds gets you all sorts of incredible rewards and benefits.
  • Most importantly, you get some serious bragging rights.
  • A custom ribbon that says 'Early Bird' that you get to attach to your conference badge.
  • A discounted rate from the regular ticket rate as according to the registration page.
  • The confidence of knowing you have a ticket before they sell out.
  • A tasty and rather edible store-bought cookie provided by myself and Audrey Roy.
  • If the PyCon Early Birds program gets enough members, I'm going to challenge PyCon chair Jesse Noller to stump me with Yoga poses! There's no way he'll even consider accepting a challenge like this unless the PyCon Early Birds membership roster is big enough. So join and help me find out if his Bikram will beat my Capoeira!
  • Other incredible things that are in the works!

Of course, PyCon has tons of other reasons to sign up besides the PyCon Early Birds program. Amazing tutorials, talks, and sprints, plus great hallway tracks, a vendor room filled with great schwag, poster sessions, and startup row. Sponsorship levels are unbelievably high, and since the event is non-profit that means the money just goes right back into the community - starting with PyCon itself. This year is going to be AWESOME!!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Pycon Early Birds before it's too late!


esacteksab said...

Might I suggest cookies right down the street from

pydanny said...

Those sound AWESOME. I was thinking double-stuffed oreos, but if business is good maybe I'll change my mind. ;) said...

I'm registered! Now somebody said something about cookies?

wescpy said...

Caveat: these things are sooo big, they can be a meal. They're also fatty and very bad for you. Not only are they to die for, but they will accelerate your doom. Anyway, the closest location would be at 3399 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, CA, 95054. :-)

Mike said...

I've been dabbling in Python for the past month or two and I'm really interested in adopting it as a more commonly used tool. Do you guys recommend PyCon for noobs like me, or should I get more experience under my belt before showing up?

pydanny said...

Mike, part of how I transitioned from feeling like a noob to being the eager student I am today is via PyCon. It is amazingly good for beginners. Not just the tutorials, but the sessions are wonderful. The sprints are really good for honing your skills too.