Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our NASA Plone project launches

This represents the work of about 20 people or so in many areas. Some details:
  • Plone, Zope, and Python application stack
  • Served by Apache and cached by Varnish
  • Section 508 compliant and meets usability requirements
  • Valid XHTML, so you can easily write stuff to hit it
  • Lots of custom views.
  • Lots of imported plone products
  • Several custom plone products
  • Hitting the mass media now.


John Kavanagh said...

Why didn't NASA use the eTouch CMS that the rest of NASA's portal runs on?

Anonymous said...

I work with a very small team (2 to 6 people) developing large Plone based web portals (similar to NASA Science) under EXTREMELY tight deadlines. My question to you is how long did the NASA site take to develop and how many experienced Plone developers were on your team? Tx (sorry I'd mail this but I can't find an address anywhere)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Nice work. I am always impressed by Plone sites that really don't look like Plone anymore. It is quite a challenge.