Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Pycon 2009 Day Ever!

Yesterday was a day I don't think I will ever be able to top again. I think it was the pinnacle of my geeky existence, and I fear that the rest of my life will be a dull effort to recapture the glory that was yesterday. Why do I think this is so?
  • My project, NASA SMD Spacebook got mention during Katie Cunningham's lightning talk.
  • I lost one of the Django BFDL's dongle And everyone in the worldwide Python community saw it happen live.
  • Guido van Rossum talked about twitter in his keynote. He referred to a twit post which was Barbara Shaurrette helping me get a chance to gush at him like a screaming fan boy. So yes, Guido is aware that I exist!
  • NASA SMD Spacebook got multiple mentions in the Pinax talk by James Tauber.
  • In Ian Bicking's infamous pycon 2009 talk I managed to misspell Whiskey/Whisky twice! Once the Old Country way and once the New World way.
  • I got a 3 minute opportunity to gush like a raving fan boy to Guido before he managed to escape.
  • Zed Shaw kicked me in the nuts!
Best. Pycon. 2009. Day. Ever.

That said, in the hopes that I can top this magnificent effort, I am calling this post the 'Best Pycon 2009 Conference Day'. My hope is that maybe I can beat it in the future. I doubt it. Sob.

Update: I beat this day the next year when I met Audrey Roy.

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