Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pycon Tutorials attended by me

I'm attending four tutorials. My choices in the tutorials were driven by work I see coming towards me and my own greedy desires.

Session 1 - Working with Excel Files in Python
I chose this tutorial because whether or not I like Excel is moot. What is of importance is that people often want exports in Excel. Some customers can really spin Excel, and it is part of their critical tool set. Supporting this need ensures more work for me (and Python at NASA SMD) going forward. Notice how I don't mention Excel imports?

Session 2 - Django in the Real World
We are using Django for the NASA SMD Spacebook project. I've gotten what I think is a pretty good handle on Django, but a nice reinforcement might save a lot of headaches down the road.

Session 3 - Scrape the Web
I love to use BeautifulSoup (BS) for web scraping. BS makes it more a game than a chore. Mechanize needs to get into my toolset ASAP. My goal is to pick up some handy new tricks for scraping.

Session 4 - Internet Programming with Python
I'll admit a weakness. My understanding of network protocols is negligible. I'm going to use this class as a springboard to more knowledge.

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