Monday, May 11, 2009

Help me make a new Avatar!

A couple years back I went to Naples, Italy for the 2007 Plone Conference. It was my first trip across an Ocean. My first trip to Europe. In Heathrow airport I met Rocky Burt and he took the picture that became my avatar.

Well, I want a new avatar. That means I have to do another cartwheel some place I've never been. Some place exciting. And that is where you come in.

Basically, I'm looking for suggestions of places to go or invitations to go visit you wherever you might be. My budget isn't large, but my enthusiasm is without bounds. I love the heat so if your idea or invite is cheaper in summer time that is even better. The costs involved determine the duration of the event. Off the top of my head I'm thinking of places like:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Brazil
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy (even Naples again!)
  • San Francisco
Screw it. Lets go the whole way:
  • Anywhere a thousand miles away from Washington, DC.
This becomes feasible for me after May 22.


Anonymous said...

ofcourse you can spend a night (or two or more) with me at my home. We have always a free spare bed for python developers :)

Augsburg is the town where i live. Its in Bavaria/Germany, just 50 minutes to Munich -- though much to visit. I would be happy to take you on a "bavarian feature tour".


Anonymous said...

And, of course, you're (still) invited to the jarn berlin offices:

that couch doubles as a bed and we have plenty of scenic backdrops for cartwheels.

berlin is a friggin great city, especially in the summer.

Chris Adams said...

My favorite vacation so far was a solo cycle trip around the New Zealand's south island. Once you're there living expenses are dirt cheap if you're comfortable camping or backpacking and you shouldn't have trouble finding good company along the way.