Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Register for Pycon 2010 already!

Update: I registered for Pycon at the early bird price but did not pay yet. Fortunately, the Pycon site lets you hold the price at the lower amount. Which means later this month when I get paid for some work I did back in the autumn I'll be able to pay for my registration at the early bird price!

The Pycon folks want early registrations because it helps them plan out resources and staff needs, not to mention the visceral thrill of watching attendance numbers go upwards. So help them out and register.

If it helps, I'll be presenting. Twice. I'll be giving A Long Pinax Tutorial with James Tauber. And I'll also be giving A Short Pinax Tutorial (also with James Tauber) during the regular conference.

For once I'm not planning to fill up on tutorials myself. I'll be too keyed up over my own presentations. So I just plan to take James Bennett's Django in Depth Tutorial.

I'll be there for all four days of the sprints. Of course, I'll be focusing on Pinax and Django material.

Of course I'm hoping that NASA has a major presence at Pycon this year. Python related technologies really seemed to take off this year for the agency, both in usage and publicity. Maybe we could have a space themed party or something?

Finally, I'm hoping to get another Capoeira Roda off the ground. We did Capoeira at DjangoCon and it was a blast. Any Atlanta folks want to see if we can get a local school to give us guidance and instruction?

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Unknown said...

I'm excited about your talks!