Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I don't like about Pycon

1. Too many awesome events to attend them all

Thirty incredible tutorials, over a hundred sessions, and only Guido knows how many sprints. Everything runs concurrently even with the GIL.

However, thanks to Doug Napoleone's great Django work, its trivial to pick and publish which sessions you want to attend. Doug's work on the scheduler is just plain awesome. While just plain intuitive to use, the scheduler also has a wonderful help page.

2. I won't be doing enough session staff work.

Yeah, I'll be working a few sessions but I do want to at times to focus on things critical to me. So that means other people like you, dear reader, ought to pick up my slack.

3. Only once a year per continent

One of these years I'm going to try and hit US Pycon, EuroPycon, IndiaPycon, and all the others. This would make for an awesome year. It would be like living the life of James Tauber, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, or other geek traveller.

The negativity of this post is a joke. Please don't take it seriously. I am giddy for pycon.


Unknown said...

Have you ever met fallenrogue? He's the Plaid Hat guy. He's more of a Rubyist, but basically he spends his life going from conference to conference.

Sooner or later I'm going to kidnap him and assume his identity. You'll know it's happened when I disappear and he suddenly becomes a lot more interested in Python.

dartdog said...

would be more impressive on Mingus! :-) Looking forward to seeing you and taking the tutorial! And Staying for sprints per your advice.