Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll get you next time, Wesley Chun!

At the start of this month I laid out the Great Pycon Ribbon Game. PyCon ribbons are given to people based on their contribution to the conference. Give a tutorial, present a speech, volunteer to do grunt work, sponsor the event, be Guido van Rossum, and more each gives you a special colored ribbon you get to attach to your conference badge.

Last year I had the most of anyone except for Wesley Chun. He's one of my favorite instructors, is an author and Google App Engine advocate, and a good friend. To my five ribbons he had seven. He clearly beat me and deserved the win.

This year when I issued my ribbon challenge he immediately said that he was giving up. He had too much work and family things going on. I gave him my regrets and planned to totally crush everyone's ribbon count at the conference. I was sure I could duplicate my five ribbon effort from last year and no one else would be able to match me!

So imagine my surprise when Wesley Chun had seven, SEVEN ribbons on his badge. He beat me this year. Worse, I managed only four this year. So he didn't just beat me at the game, he opened the lead.

I'm a good loser. I don't begrudge him. Well, maybe not too much.

Next year I'll issue the challenge again. I hope you join us, since win or lose the wonderful thing about this competition is that PyCon and the community benefits.

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