Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NOVA-DUG April 15th summary

Forour first meeting there was seven people and several cancellations. Not bad for short notice and rain. Attendees (first name only for now - I will update if attendees contact me and request their names/jobs):
  • Eric (possibly providing meeting space!)
  • Sal
  • Jack
  • James
  • Cory
  • Katie
  • Danny (me!)
There was talk of Django projects still under development, with one public effort exposed by Sal:
We explained Pinax to Sal. In return South was mentioned by Sal as a functional Django migration tool (thanks to everyone who pointed me at the right place). Corey talked about the limitations of the Django ORM compared to SQL Alchemy. I think we agreed to disagree about templates. Everyone griped about the quality of the Panera coffee shop's wireless network.

Upcoming planned events:
We chatted about a bi-weekly schedule. We may have to do some juggling to avoid falling on the same weeks as ZPUG-DC or Django District.

Future format ideas include user presentations, voting on the open source django presentation of the week, and planned attacks on user problems.


Anonymous said...

The db migration project is called "South", not SouthDB. It's available here:

Very good in some areas, a bit rough around the edges in others, like all the tools in that space. I've been doing some direct comparisons between them lately and have to conclude that there still isn't an all-around solution, but the leading contenders are all excellent in their particular areas of strength.

Ramiro said...

South (that's the project name) web site is at